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British Show Jumping Association

All classes will be run under British Show Jumping Association rules.  The following rules and descriptions explain the format of all the classes being run at Liverpool over the three days.

The classes at this show will run under one of four formats, described as follows:


Knockdown 4 Penalties

First Disobedience 4 Penalties

Second Disobedience Elimination

Fall of Rider or Horse Elimination

Error of Course Elimination

Omission of Obstacle Elimination

Retaking an Obstacle Already Jumped Elimination

Jumping an Obstacle in the Wrong Order Elimination

For Every Second in Excess of Time Allowed 1 Penalty

Exceeding the Time Limit (twice time allowed) Elimination


One round against the clock, fastest round with the least faults wins.


Those placed first equal after round one (usually all the clear rounds) qualify for the first jump off, which is against the clock. Again the competitor with the fastest round with the least faults wins.


The best 5 scores or, if necessary, all clear rounds qualify for the next round, which will be against the clock. In the event of equality, faults and time decide i.e. the faster 4 faulters will qualify. All faults incurred in the first round will be carried forward to the second round. Competitors in the second round will start in reverse order of merit or the slowest 4 faults will go first, the faster clear last.

Two Phase

This competition comprises two phases run without interruption; the finishing line for the first phase is the starting line for the second. The first phase is not against the clock and if penalties are incurred the bell is rung and the competitor must leave the arena. If the competitor is clear in the first phase they must carry straight on to the second phase, which is against the clock. The fastest round with the least faults in the second phase wins.